Welcome, Hustler

An Empowerment Journal

By Robin Arzon (Author)


Pub Date 9/26/2023

ISBN 9781454946342

Format Hardcover



Welcome, Hustler

An Empowerment Journal

by Robin Arzon

Lost the direction for your hustle? Let bestselling author and fitness icon Robin Arzón be your guide. Whatever your mission, this powerful guided journal will help you realize your dreams.

This inspirational journal is a doorway to the life you've always desired—will you walk through it? Robin, the Vice President of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor at Peloton, believes writing down your innermost thoughts can help you create the framework for your future; now, she has crafted a boldly designed, one-of-a-kind journal for you to do just that, however and whenever you like. It offers inspirational quotes and writing prompts to lead to self-discovery, breaking down your expectations, honing a positive attitude, and pinpointing your goals. Build yourself up with motivating prompts, places to jot lists, self-audits, mission statements, and even vibe-setting playlists. This motivational journal will inspire courage, fearlessness, self-care, strength, and above all, hustle, as you transform from within. Kings, queens, and non-binary royalty . . . it's time to adjust your crown and hold your head high toward personal success!

With powerful mantras like "I am the CEO of my own life" and "Own the pen to the story you're writing," this is the ideal daily journal for women, men, and non-binary people looking to level-up. Whether you're on a self-help journey and seeking a mental health journal, or simply want the benefit and introspection a self-care journal can provide, Robin's got you covered.


Robin Arzón is the New York Times bestselling author of Shut Up and Run (2016), Strong Mama (2022), and Strong Baby (2023). Formerly a corporate lawyer, Robin discovered her passion for athletics after healing from a traumatic experience through movement. She fearlessly left behind a successful law career to embark on new adventures in the health and wellness space and has since reinvented herself into an avid ultra-marathon runner and global fitness and wellness leader. As the Vice President of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor at Peloton, and Founder of Swagger Society—the first lifestyle membership club and accountability partner in web3—she believes that sweat transforms lives. Whether through movement, speaking, or journaling, Arzón teaches others how to turn their inner critic into their inner advocate, providing them with the critical tools for leveling up in life. Arzón lives in New York City with her husband, Drew, and their daughter, Athena Amelia.

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