Shadow Work

Face Hidden Fears, Heal Trauma, Awaken Your Dream Life

By Danielle Massi (Author)


Pub Date 9/20/2022

ISBN 9781454946472

Format Hardcover



Shadow Work

Face Hidden Fears, Heal Trauma, Awaken Your Dream Life

by Danielle Massi
Shadow work is the act of facing the darkest part of our psyche to unlock our full potential and discover true self-love.

This powerful technique has helped countless patients achieve what traditional therapy could not. Danielle Massi is a licensed mental health therapist who specializes in this practice, and she is the perfect guide for diving deep into the unconscious.
Diagnosed with cervical cancer before her thirtieth birthday, Massi resolved to study the effects of the mind on the body. With the knowledge that chronic stress is a leading cause of disease, she focused on developing techniques to help her patients access their unconscious—the part of our mind that is the body’s mechanism for repressing information that is possibly too intense for the psyche. When unchecked, this shadow side of our consciousness builds up over time and can create a domino effect of consequences in our physical body. When we work with the shadow, we free ourselves from a recurring trauma response and can rewire the brain for mind and body health, ease, and abundance.
Massi’s in-depth instruction provides a framework for breaking down the root causes of trauma and learning how to prevent self-sabotage. With an engaging, inviting, and authoritative voice, she provides an essential guide to recreating life on your terms. 

Danielle Massi is the owner of The Wellness Collective, Philadelphia’s first holistic healing center. A licensed psychotherapist and master shadow worker, she has been featured in major publications such as New York magazine, Shape, and Shondaland.

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