Human Body

Understanding Anatomy

By Jane de Burgh (Editor)


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Human Body

Understanding Anatomy

by Jane de Burgh
Do you know your fibia from your tibia? How does the endocrine system work? Why does the body produce saliva? You may be able to vent your spleen, but what does it actually do? In The Human Body, discover what humans are made of and how the body works. In this fascinating and comprehensive guide to human anatomy, everything you will ever need to know about the workings of your body is presented in full color detail. The book is structured from the head to the toe, and is broken down into nine sections: head, neck, thorax, upper limbs, abdomen, reproductive system, pelvis, lower limbs and whole body systems. Each section includes detailed and easy-to-understand color artworks with extensive annotations on the various bones, muscles, internal organs, blood vessels and nerves, allowing you to quickly build up a complete picture of a specific area of the body.


Jane de Burgh first trained as a nurse and worked for almost twenty years in the British National Health Service specializing in renal medicine and organ transplantation. She has edited a number of medical books for the lay reader, including family medical encyclopedias and first aid manuals.

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