The Pan Am Clipper

The History of America's Flying Boats 1935–1945

By Roy Allen (Author)


Format Paperback



The Pan Am Clipper

The History of America's Flying Boats 1935–1945

by Roy Allen
The history of Pan American Airways is, to a great degree, the story of international air transport and, within that, the flying-boat is one of the airliner’s most recognizable aircraft. The Pan Am Clippers, as the Boeing B-314s, Sikorskys and Martin M-130s were known, were probably the most romantic planes ever built. The experience of flying in them was intended to rival the great ocean liners that had previously been the only way for passengers to cross the globe. Sleeping berths, lounges, silver goblets and meals on real china served by white-coated stewards were all part of the Clipper experience. The Pan Am Clipper covers one of aviation history’s most inspiring and magical periods. Illustrated with more than 100 archive photographs, this impressive book is a tribute to a technical wonder that continues to fascinate and captivate many people today.

With more than 40 years' experience as an aviation writer, Roy Allen is the author of ten books and has contributed to more than 100 publications. Former Deputy Editor of Aeronautics, he founded and edited Airways International.

Pub Date: 3/1/2018

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