Forest Animals

By Julianna Photopoulos (Author)


Pub Date 6/11/2024

ISBN 9781838863654

Format Hardcover



Forest Animals

by Julianna Photopoulos
With detailed captions explaining the origins, habitat, and behavior of each fascinating species featured, Forest Animals is a vibrant photographic collection of tree-loving animals in dazzling images.
Forests cover a large amount of our planet and are known as the “lungs” that provide us the oxygen that we breathe. Moreover, forests also provide vital habitats for animals, regardless of what kind of forest it is—the humid tropical jungle or the harsh boundless taiga, which stretches across the northern regions of Russia and Canada. In Forest Animals discover the many types of reptiles and rainforest animals popular across the world, from the smoky jungle frog, Costa Rica’s largest frog species, to the rare Sumatran tiger, critically endangered due to deforestation of their home. Learn about a variety of animals from around the world: the tree kangaroo of Australia, the brown fish owl of Turkey and Southeast Asia, the green oak tortix of Europe, commonly found in the UK, and the black panther (leopard and jaguar variant) in tropical forests from Kenya to Thailand.

Julianna Photopoulos is a science writer and filmmaker. She has written for various print and online publications including New Scientist, BBC Focus magazine, and Nature, and has been involved in a number of natural history documentaries for the BBC and National Geographic. As a biology graduate, she has also worked in genetics and in dolphin and whale research.

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