The Olympics

Fastest, Highest. Longest, Strongest

By David Arscott (Author)


Format Paperback



The Olympics

Fastest, Highest. Longest, Strongest

by David Arscott
The Olympics tells the epic and eventful story of one of the oldest and most prestigious sporting events in the world: the Olympic games. This irreverent and entertaining history explores every aspect of the global competition, from its origins in ancient Greece to the iconic participants of modern times, such as Muhammad Ali and Usain Bolt. An A-to-Z of great Olympics covers all the sporting superstars, and a timeline, glossary, and delightfully humorous illustrations throughout provide extra information and fun.

A former newspaper journalist and TV producer/presenter, David Arscott has for some years worked as a freelance author, broadcaster, publisher, and editor. He has written over 30 books.

Pub Date: 6/7/2016

ISBN: 9781910706190

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Format: Paperback

Pages: 192 pages, b-w illus. throughout

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Territories: US/Can

Category: Sports / General

Publisher: Salariya