Body Facts & Jokes

By John Townsend (Author), David Antram (Illustrator)

Gooey innards, tales of the heart, and all parts hairy, scary, icky, and sticky: these funny foul facts and hilarious jokes teach you all about your body!
If noses are for smelling and feet are for running, why do noses run and feet smell?
Did you know that every time you sneeze you kill thousands of brain cells? Or that in your lifetime, you’ll eat over 35 tons of food—the weight of about seven elephants? This entertaining collection tells you all about your body, from bacteria and sweat glands to gas, stomach-churning horrors, and yucky, mucky, and unlucky infections, gunk, and leaks. The fun ick factor and hilarious riddles and limericks will delight every kid!

John Townsend worked as a secondary school teacher before becoming a full-time writer of children’s books. He specializes in fun, exciting information books for reluctant readers, as well as fast-paced fiction and “fiction with facts” books.

David Antram studied at Eastbourne College of Art in the UK and then worked in advertising for 15 years before becoming a full-time illustrator. He has since illustrated well over 100 titles, mainly for children and young adults.

Pub Date: 5/1/2018

ISBN: 9781912233632

Price: $6.95 / $9.50 CAN

Format: Paperback

Pages: 128 pages, b-w illus. throughout

Trim: 5 x 7.75 x 0 Inches

Territories: US/Can

Category: Juvenile / Unusual Facts

Age Range: 7 and up

Publisher: Salariya

Series: Totally Gross & Awesome