Modern Witch Tarot Board

By Lisa Sterle (Author), Karen French (Author)

Series Modern Witch Tarot Library


Pub Date 10/8/2024

ISBN 9781912634507

Format Board Game or non-Computer Game



Modern Witch Tarot Board

by Lisa Sterle, Karen French
Dive deeper into tarot with this debut divination guide from sacred geometry expert Karen French, featuring the Modern Witch Tarot you know and love.
Grab some friends and gather around the Modern Witch Tarot Board—it’s time to work together and discover what the tarot is telling you! This is an innovative tarot experience the likes of which has never existed before, designed for dynamic, interactive readings. The experience takes you on an introspective journey through various aspects of life, represented by the four wheels of the board. You can either explore alone or take turns in a group reading each other’s cards. Modern Witch Tarot Board offers endless reading prompts, making it the perfect companion for beginners and seasoned tarot aficionados alike. These dynamic interactive readings don’t have to be solitary or one-on-one—you’re embarking on this journey together, discovering more about yourself and your connections.

Karen French is passionate about archetypal symbolism. She has been published internationally; her current titles include Gateway to the Heavens: How Geometric Patterns and Symbols Form Our Reality and The Hidden Geometry of Life: The Science and Spirituality of Nature (both published by Watkins Publishing).
Lisa Sterle is an artist with work spanning from comic books to concept design to pop-culture-fueled illustration. Her work marries her two favorite themes: the beautiful and the grotesque. She has worked with HarperCollins, IDW, Image, Archie Comics, Vault Comics, BOOM! Studios, and many others.