Manga Action & Movement

By Max Marlborough (Author)

Series The Art of Drawing


Pub Date 4/7/2020

ISBN 9781912904822

Format Paperback



Manga Action & Movement

by Max Marlborough
This dynamic title in The Art of Drawing series explores a thrilling variety of movements—jumping, kicking, punching, and more—in the hugely popular manga style.

From a samurai standing defiant, his sword drawn for battle, to a hero fighting a vampire for his life, Manga Action & Movement shows artists how to draw an array of spectacularly energetic characters and action-packed scenes. Easy-to-follow instructions and striking step-by-step illustrations introduce materials and key concepts such as perspective and proportion. Beginners will find all the necessary details to help them successfully capture martial arts moves, powerful jumps and kicks in the air, explosive throws, dangerous falls, and defensive poses.

Max Marlborough works as a freelance author, illustrator, and designer of art guides for readers of all ages.

Title Details

Pages 64 pages, all in color

Trim 6.87 x 8.87 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can

Category Crafts & Hobbies | Art & Photography

Age Range 9 and up